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Process Automation

Process automation is one of the key features of Bliss Docs, which is a state of the art office automation tool. With the help of this feature, you can automate the flow of business information and documents. The term 'process automation' refers to multiple techniques that help optimize, control and define various business processes that are repeatable.

With the help of this advanced feature of Bliss Docs, all the existing business documents can be optimized in the best possible way.

 A particular Role is designed for a specific department and several Role are assigned to the users.

 The admin can create user access according to the exact requirement of the user, and thus ensure a streamlined work environment.

 In case an order is not completed in due time, in a single click you can aware about order status that on which stage is right now and how much days are pending.

 User can access in the system and aware about their pending work and responsibilities.

Process automation is an advanced feature of Bliss Docs that allows the users to streamline the entire business process. Bliss Docs helps automate all the automation management procedures and policies. It helps every organization design and follow certain procedures, which, in turn, help secure vital business information and enforce consistent business practices. Bliss Docs also helps manage all the emails and email attachments and thus makes it easier for the administrator to control all the documents.

A Process Automation policy also ensures that all the controls are exercised as and when needed so that there is no kind of unauthorized access and only people with permission and authorization can access the mission critical data. This helps prevent any kind of damage to the important information and ensures the information is not stolen ever. This ensures complete protection of confidentiality and privacy. This also helps prevent any kind of inappropriate disclosure of information which could harm the business process of the organization