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Library Management is one of the key modules of Bliss Docs. This helps capture, store and identify business records, based on the record management policies of a company. In this way it helps minimize the risks.


A. Business Record Management
B. Effective Modules
C. What is Library Management
D. What is Advantage of Library Management
E. Finding the needle in Haystack

A-Business Record Management

With the help of Library management module, you can access the document at any time, any where, any place.

You can manage files, documents and email messages according to the defined records policies.

B-Effective Modules

Library management is considered as one of the most effective modules that help improve the usability of Bliss Docs, a state of the art office automation platform.

With the help of this module, the administrator can keep a track of all the details of a file.

It can be traced when the file is accessed, who has accessed it and how many times a particular document has been accessed.

Detailed reports for all the records are thoroughly mentioned in the module so that the administrator can access it whenever required.

C-What is Library Management

Records management is basically the process of creating, maintaining, using and disposing records in an organized way. This helps achieve a transparent, accountable and efficient governance. The records should be managed following the records management programme of an organization

D-What is Advantage of Library Management

Each and every organization should follow a proper records management system as this proves to be advantageous in a number of ways –

It ensures an orderly and efficient flow of information, which, in turn, enables the organization to run all the functions efficiently and successfully.

Documents that are filed and stored in the correct order, can be accessed easily.

With the help of a Library management module, the reliable and authoritative records are created and maintained in a streamlined fashion. All the documents can be kept in a usable, intelligent and accessible fashion so that it can support all the accountability and business requirements of the company.

A Process Automation policy also ensures that all the controls are exercised as and when needed so that there is no kind of unauthorized access and only people with permission and authorization can access the mission critical data. This helps prevent any kind of damage to the important information and ensures the information is not stolen ever. This ensures complete protection of confidentiality and privacy. This also helps prevent any kind of inappropriate disclosure of information which could harm the business process of the organization

E-Finding the needle in Haystack

Securing documents is one thing, but people still need to be able to find and use the right content to do their work. Blissdocs makes it simple for users, with the right permissions, to access business-critical documents.

Organizing content into sites and folders allows users to simply browse important files

Powerful search helps find key information within seconds

Filters and tags allow users to refine search criteria to reduce the number of documents returned - making it easy to find the right document