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Document Management

In the present scenario, most businesses have to deal with paper based documents, which leads to a lot of complications. In order to ensure a smooth business environment, organizations prefer to use automation systems that enable advanced document management.

With the help of a software you can transform the entire process of managing the business information within your organization.Using Bliss Docs has a lot of benefits, both for Refinery and Vendors. These include −

It helps improve the productivity and efficiency of the business processes.

It helps maintain the repeatability and consistency of the different business functions.

It helps eliminate the cost of storage, space, as well as the paper based costs.

It helps ensure faster process cycle times.

It helps improve the business continuity planning to a great extent.

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Process Automation

Process automation is one of the key features of Bliss Docs, which is a state of the art office automation tool. With the help of this feature, you can automate the flow of business information and documents. The term 'process automation' refers to multiple techniques that help optimize, control and define various business processes that are repeatable

With the help of this advanced feature of Bliss Docs, all the existing business documents can be optimized in the best possible way.

A particular Role is designed for a specific department and several Role are assigned to the users.

The admin can create user access according to the exact requirement of the user, and thus ensure a streamlined work environment.

In case an order is not completed in due time, in a single click you can aware about order status that on which stage is right now and how much days are pending.

User can access in the system and aware about their pending work and responsibilities.

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Library Management

Library Management is one of the key modules of Bliss Docs. This helps capture, store and identify business records, based on the record management policies of a company. In this way it helps minimize the risks.


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B-Effective Modules

C-What is Library Management

D-What is Advantage of Library Management

E-Finding the needle in Haystack

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